Suzhou International Expo CenterLocated in the core area of Suzhou Industrial Park CBD, it is a large-scale exhibition complex integrating exhibition, conference, festival, trade, catering and leisure.

Suzhou International Expo Center was established in May 2003 and officially opened in 2004. In 2012, in order to promote the unification and improvement of the layout of the eastern comprehensive business city, Suzhou International Expo Center and Suzhou Culture and Art Center formally merged and operated to form the Suzhou Cultural Expo Center.

As one of the two major carriers of Suzhou Cultural Expo Center, Suzhou International Expo Center has a comprehensive and efficient exhibition service team. It has accumulated rich experience in domestic and international large-scale exhibition activities and can provide professional services. , high-quality, international, humanized exhibition services, including accommodation, catering, tourism, shopping, transportation, ticketing, etc. One-stop exhibition activities supporting services. The center has hosted many international and domestic famous brand exhibitions: China Suzhou Electronic Information Expo, China Domestic Tourism Trade Fair, National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, China International Medical Equipment Fair, China Film Golden Rooster Awards Ceremony, Robot World Cup, National Orthopaedic Congress, Valve World Asia Seminar and Expo, International Association of Landscape Architects, 47th World Congress, National Auto Parts Trade Fair, China International API/Intermediate/Packaging/Equipment Fair.

With the great attention and concern of the Suzhou Municipal Government and the Park Management Committee, the Suzhou Convention and Exhibition Industry has made considerable progress, and its competitiveness and influence in international and domestic exhibition cities have been continuously improved. The Suzhou International Expo Center has become an important domestic country. Large-scale comprehensive professional exhibition venues play an important role in China's exhibition industry. At present, Suzhou International Expo Center is the only domestic exhibition with the official membership of the three major industry organizations of the international exhibition industry - the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), the International Exhibition and Project Association (IAEE), and the International Independent Group Exhibitors Association (SISO). Venue.